Cubase Elements Update PROBLEMS

Hi everyone, I’m strugglin’ trying to activate the licence for Cubase Elemets Update that I’ve just bought. I’ve gotten cubase elements 10 from my Steinberg UR22mk II sound device but as it was very very very poor, I decided to update to Cubase Elements 11 update, and I did a terrible mistake! I paid 29 euros for the update and I tried to download everything, but it came out that there is no way to activate the license. I downloaded the latest elicenser version as required, but nothing happened. I tried to contact the the customer service but they don’t give a damm about it. Any help will be very appreciated. So thanks so much everyone in advance.

Elements probably doesn’t come with the UR. You probably got AI, which probably means you bought the wrong upgrade license. If you bought from Elements you need the upgrade from AI or whatever you have. If you have the wrong update, you should contact support or the store you bought it from.

Thanks so so much, Jaslan. Most likely you’re right! :slight_smile: