Cubase 'Elements' Upgrade to 'Artist'

I have a few questions, all of which are fairly similar…

I am curious if Cubase 10.5 Artist allows for external fx in its audio control routing options? I am just now realizing that my version (Cubase 10 Elements) doesn’t allow it.
Also, do I have to upgrade to 10.5 artist, or could I upgrade to just 10 artist? I feel it would be more cost effective to just shoot for the newest out atm.

I purchased Elements for 50 bucks while it was on sale…would have totally went for artist if I knew the DAW limitations were that drastic.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

You can compare the different tiers here

Yes you have to upgrade to 10.5 as it is no longer possible to buy the 10 artist upgrade (unless you find a local dealer who has it as a box version) and in that case it will be automatically updated to 10.5 because of the grace period.
You can still install and use version 10 with a 10.5 license though.

Just made the upgrade to artist because I had thought I found an answer proving that in the ‘Audio Connections’ tab…it had most of the options cubase 10.5 pro had…Inputs/Outputs/Group-FX/External FX/External Instruments…and was only missing control room (which comes with pro)…But it appears I am wrong? Curious if I installed it wrong.

Such as ?..what are you looking for?