Cubase Elements versus Cubasis.... Heeeelllppp!

Problem 1: Tinky hi hats in Cubase

When uploading a Cubasis project into Cubase so that the EQ, compression, and velocity settings are exactly the same and using the exact same samples, the hi hats sounds different. They sound very “tinky” in Cubase and more “swishy” in Cubasis. I hate tinky hi hats. It’s a huge pet peeve. My velocities are so low that in some places they dip down to 6, so it’s not a problem with high velocities. I just don’t understand why it sounds so different. And how do other artists avoid tinky hi hats? I’ve heard some producers just go with it and the hi hats are as annoying as hell (to me). But many sound great. I feel like I’m missing something. Same with snare and kick rolls. The velocity ramps sound great in Cubasis, but sound like a machine gun in Cubase.

Problem 2: Crossfades

In Cubasis, I tend to record one repeating bar with a long tail and then just copy it over and over in Cubasis to save memory. So all my keyboard parts overlap. Cubasis seems to crossfade automatically. But, oh, what a nightmare to behold when the project is uploaded to Cubase. Welcome to popsville. So I crossfaded everything. But I’m just wondering why it doesn’t do that in Cubasis. What is the advantage to importing the project if it just means doing all that work fixing crossfades? I started thinking that I should have just bounced the audio in each track and uploaded it that way or even sent the project separated into tracks like you would send it to another DAW. So, why doesn’t Cubasis need crossfades? Is the sound quality in some way inferior or is Cubasis actually more advanced in this respect? Cubasis is 64 bit, too, now. I don’t get it.

Problem 3: Limited tracks

When I import the project, the extra tracks show up but won’t let me edit them (it says, I was still able to do crossfades on the audio). I thought I was within the number of tracks allowed for Cubase Elements, but even after consolidating and deleting, it still does this when I import the project. So what is the actual functional track limit to Cubase Elements? Is it so many Midi OR so many audio? I have Midi and audio on the project I’m working on now. Can’t find that magic number, but it’s starting to look pretty low.

All tolled, I have been trying to get a more professional sound with Cubase Elements, but so far, drums sound better and everything seems easier in Cubasis. I have a standing appointment for Wednesday to mix this track, and, at this point, I’m just going to strip effects off of the Cubasis project and send the stems from there because I know I like them. I’m frustrated with Cubase, but still plan on powering through the learning curve on my next project. My biggest motivation is the constant iOS upgrades that eat up all of my available memory but things don’t work right if you don’t upgrade. I need more room. The limited tracks in Elements is a huge problem, so I will at least need to upgrade to Artist for Cubase to be functional for the kind of music I do. I’m just flabbergasted that a $50 App seems more advanced in some ways than a $100 Mac based DAW. Importing samples and making instruments is easy in Cubasis, but I’m not seeing the same ease in Cubase unless you can do that with Halion somehow. I haven’t tried yet.


I’m a songwriter who has been doing demos on Cubasis for a few years. I haven’t used any presets, instead, importing my own drum samples and using music apps to customize my sound. In an effort to impart the vision for each song, my demos have gotten to be more elaborate over time to the point I like the demo better than what a producer tries to do for the same song. So, I got Cubase Elements thinking I would get a more professional sound after uploading my Cubasis project. Some things do sound better, warmer, crisper, but others still sound better in Cubasis. What is the key to great sounding drums? Recommended sample packs? Third party EQ and compression? What. Am. I. Doing. Wrong.


Thank you in advance for any help and advice.