Cubase Elements WARNING?!

Cubase Elements WARNING?!

There are only 3 Piano tracks: Piano Verse, Piano Chorus, Piano Fx. So what the heck can the warning mean???

It can also mean channel configuration (stereo, 5.1, …)

Have you surpassed the track count?

MIDI tracks 64
Audio tracks 48
VST Instrument tracks 24

0 MIDI tracks, 4 Audio tracks, 27 VST Instrument tracks, 5 Group tracks.

Looks like too many Instrument tracks :frowning:

The only problem is: it is specifically the Piano tracks that are locked. Are there too many events here? Why can i not modify the Piano??

I guess because they are the last Instrument tracks in the list and therefore the surpluses.
You seem to be outgrowing Elements :smile:

Yes, 27 instrument tracks, that’s 3 more than what Elements can handle.

Why don’t you render to audio some of those virtual instruments? You can have up to 48 audio tracks in an Elements project.

You should be able to have 24 VST Instrument tracks, and 16 Rack Instruments.

Add a Rack Instrument (Piano ) and see if that works?. Right Click in the VSTi Tab, then choose Rack Instrument, then select which instrument you need.

Umm, i am not at all familiar with Rack Instruments. Which video do you recommend I watch to learn more about them?

It’s just another way of adding an Instrument. Create a blank project and experiment with what it does.

There’s a few YouTube videos explaining the difference between the 2 methods.

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thx so much for the video! It shows me clearly that Rack Instruments are lame lol