Cubase Elements with Garritan Personal Orchestra 5?

Is it possible to use Cubase Elements with Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 please? If so is the integration/implementation simple to achieve? Many thanks for any advice

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Since it appears to come as a VSTi it should function as well as any other third party VSTi…so just fine.

In case you haven’t seen it there’s a brief intro to using it with Cubase here:

Thank you very much for the helpful link. I am downloading a trial version of Cubase Elements now. I have Novation 6 which was working fine with its native instruments. I bought GPO 5 to extend the range having read that it worked fine with Notion 6 - no sound after running the plugin manager although the Notion 6 instruments work fine and so does GPO 5 as a standalone . Very frustrating :frowning:

Hmm, well good luck. As far as I can see Notion 6 should have worked with GPO… does the GPO work on its own (assuming it has a standalone mode)?

Yes GPO works fine as a standalone and also in Fruityloops but not Notion 6 - its all very bizarre.