Cubase elements with multiple vst's

I have had a copy of Elements and Absolute 5 for 6 months now.

If I restrict the number of vst instruments to two (like halion sonic, groove agent), then all is fine. BUT if I add extra instruments like Retrologue or Halion 6, Padshop etc then Cubase gives me “License missing” and the vst’s stop working.

Is there anybody who has the full understanding of how Cubase licensing works, and is there something I am doing something wrong?

I would have thought I should be able to use all these instruments together after spending all this money on Absolute 5.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try these steps
Log on to your Steinberg account
and check everything you can check
In Vouchers you may find ‘upgrades to the new licensing system’

Make sure to have the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) installed (and Logged in) as this will take care of everything. So you may want to install or re-install Cubase and VST’s using this tool.

This SDA will also install the Activation Manager. This is the most recent way of managing licenses. Have a look if your licenses show up in it.

You may want to check the ‘Old system’ called the eLicenser to make sure it has connected to the Steinberg server to activate the license.

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Thanks for your reply.

In the Activation Manager the only license I have is for Elements.
In the elicenser control center there is the Absolute 5 license, but no elements license.

Well, this looks okay.

Just to make sure: you didn’t try VST’s part of Absolute 6? (As you only have a license for Absolute 5)

Unless someone else in the forum jumps in with a solution you might want to contact support for help. (be patient, it takes a week or more before you get a reply)

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Check the link below to see what you get with Elements. You may have installed things the licence for Elements doesn’t cover.

I have upgraded my absolute 5 to absolute 6 using the redeeming option in MySteinberg. Unfortunately the vst’s are still giving me the missing license message.

On the compare editions page (Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg) it mentions that Elements has 2 vst instruments (while Pro and Artist have 4). Does this mean I can only use a maximum of 2 vst instruments in one project?

Nope. It actually states that, for the Elements version, there are just two Steinberg VSTis which can be freely downloaded and installed, contrarily to the Artist and Pro ones. This doesn’t take account about any third-party VSTis that you could have, beside them.

Otherwise, with the ‘4’ limitation shown for Cubase Pro, I wouldn’t be able to use projects using 8-10 VSTis, as I often do here, without issues.

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Since upgrading to Absolute 6 the license is now appearing in the activation manager - hopefully the issues will be resolved…time will tell.

After a week of the new license things are improving.

Many thanks for all your help. :grinning: