Cubase Elements


I am new to the forum. I purchased the upgrade version of Cubase Elements 10 yesterday for 49.99. I was currently running Cubase Elements LE AI 9. I downloaded my upgrade version to 10 and got Elements LE AI 10. I am confused, I expected that I was getting Cubase Elements 10 not just a updated version of LE AI 10. Obviously I am new to recording and all of this. Did I buy the wrong thing? Did I have to buy the full version for 99.99 to get Cubase Elements 10?

Try checking in the Cubase>Help>About Cubase menu for the exact.

Also, the exact version should be listed in your eLicenser control center.

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When I goto help menu the menu selection says Cubase Elements LE AI. Then I click it is and it doesn’t mention the LE AI. The download file is called The icon on my desktop is called “Cubase LE AI Elements 10”. I have done registration it says and the "eLicense Control Center says I own Cubase Elements 10.

I am super confused because it is my understanding that the LE AI version has less options then just the “Cubase Elements 10”. I am requesting support on this. Something seems wrong to me here. Even on my account on the website it says I own “Cubase Elements 10” and it is activated.

If your eLicenser says Elements 10, then you have Elements 10. As mentioned a hundred times on different threads on the forums: The installer is the same for LE, AI and Elements, the licenses determines which features are unlocked…