Cubase eLicencer installation error


I purchased Cubase 10.5 recently and ran into an installation error whenever i tried to install the eLicencer program.
Everytime i run the installer the same error pops up:

Error when copying a file from compressed archive C:/User/Eliasvk/Downloads/eLicencerControlSetup.exe to C:/Program files (x86)/eLicencer/POS/SYNSOPOS.exe

I can chose to ignor this. But I’ll then run into the already knwon DCOM error when launching the program. (Because the synsopos.exe isnt present).

I already completed several deinstalls and reinstalls, running the setup as admin and transfering ownership of the program (x86) folder to me. I also checked for windows updates und used the most current elicencer setup version.
Please help, I donn’t know what to do anymore.
Thanks in advance and kind regards, Elias.

Hi and welcome,

Right-click to the installer and start it as administrator, please. Doe sit help?