Cubase eLicenser eLC Compatibility Issue?

I recently bought an eLicenser containing a Cubase Pro 11 license. It is not recognised on my old Win XP machine, the license does not show up in the eLicenser Control Center (eLC), but does on my newer Win 10 machine. Also, I already have an eLicenser with Cubase 6 on it, and that license shows up on both systems.

One eLicenser is very short (the new one) and the other longer (see pics), and my question is this; is there a known compatibility issue with the newer and shorter eLicensers in older versions of the License Control Center?


Try to update the eLCC Database on the old computer, please.

If you mean update the eCC itself, it’s already at version which is the last one for Win XP according to Steinberg here:

If the eLicenser Control Center is able to see the dongle, but the license doesn’t show up, then that means that the license database is not up to date.

Please click the Maintenance button to the top right of the eLCC to update it.

Note that Cubase 11 isn’t going to work on Windows XP, but I assume that you bought this in order to run some older version of Cubase.


No, I mean the Support > Update eLicenser License Database… option.

Updating the database cannot be done on eLC version for Win XP. I did update the database with the latest version of eLC on Win 10, but the Cubase 11 Pro license is still not recognised on my Win XP eLC, it just says “Unknown Application” (see pics).

Correct, I want to use the eLicenser with the license for 11 to run an older version on an older machine, plus version 11 on a new machine.

That updates the database on the Win10 system.


I’m sorry, I was wrong. It’s necessary to update the eLCC manually.


I got the same answer and link from tech support, thank you. Sounds like the fix I was looking for, gonna try this very soon…


EDIT: tried updating database manually via the link provided and it has solved this issue.