Cubase elicenser


It turns out that I just bought cubase element 10.5 and I got the activation code and all that, the issue is that when I open the elicenser the soft-elicenser does not appear to me, what can I do about it? Obviously I cannot start cubase or anything, also comment that the elc helper goes down and it does not allow me to install, it gives me an installation error


I have exactly the same problem :confused: I hope soemone will help us soon.

I contacted Steinberg Friday morning, I await their response.

Hi, has any of you received an email or information related to your issue so far?
I downloaded the necessary software to my laptop Steinberg Assistant and automatically the eLicenser Control Centre. Next, when opening the elicenser window after clicking on Registration I cannot see any licences there, it’s empty and by clicking on green arrow ENTER ACTIVATION CODE I provided the activation code there and the message is: CURRENTLY THERE IS NO ELICENSER CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR LICENCE TO…PLEASE CONNECT APPROPRIATE USB ELICENSER. In case you do not have any USB elicensers available and want to download the license to a so-called “Soft e-Licenser”, please contact the software vendor of your product to learn how to create a Soft elicencer on your computer
Please, did I understand correctly that I should have soft elicenser code automatically visible in elicenser? My OS is Windows 7 on the laptop where I want to download the Cubase.

I would kindly ask for Steinberg’s support on this matter. Thx

no response from Steinberg yet…

You need a USB dongle…

Not for Elements. Sometimes the Soft-eLicenser is not created during installation of the eLCC.

…and, if that’s the case, see

This means I can have Cubase pro in one computer with dongle, and Cubase elements in another computer without using the same lincense?

Sure, if you purchase an Elements license.

Mon problème a été résolu de la façon suivante :

  • désactivation du pare-feu
  • réinitialisation des préférences de Cubase

My problem was solved as follows: - disabling the firewall - resetting Cubase preferences