Cubase ellements I have an Behringer umc22 and now i have 2 inputs on the audio interface but no out

hello everyone, I have bought cubase ellements and bought an audio interface from Behringer the UMC22. i have on the laptop the sound is going to de interface but in cubase i have no sound to the interface, in the cubase program i have in the setup the right interface but the out is not connected. can enyone tel me how to chance that?

Are you using the ASIO driver?

yes, the latest one from behringer the asio4all

So are the audio interfaces ports available to select as outputs in the Audio Connections settings?

no not available it sais not connected.

Sounds like something has the outputs already then, are they selectable within the ASIO4ALL control panel? You can get to control panel via the studio setup menu in Cubase, i.e. where you pick the driver and interface.

I don’t own a UMC22, but it’s possible (As you’re using ASIO4ALL) that the outputs need to be enabled in that control panel first. IF they’re not available in there, it means that windows is using those outputs for something else, so ensure everything else is closed to try to take control of them.