Cubase -> Emu 0404 -> Yamaha CLP 320

I have a big problem. I want to connect my piano Yamaha CLP 320 as a MIDI keyboard to interface EMU 0404 usb 2.0 and use it in Cubase 6 Elements. I connected piano to interface. The red light is “blinking” on the interface under “MIDI IN”. So it looks like it is connected. But when I open Cubase then device setup-> MIDI -> MIDI port setup I see this:
When I add new MIDI track nothing happens. I mean my piano doesn’t react.
Please help me

What else would you like to see…?

What should your MIDI piano react on…?

Try this

What should your MIDI piano react on…?[/quote]
I mean when I play piano I hear no sound in Cubase even though I connected everything. It looks like there is no signal between piano and Cubase.

Enable the monitor button on the MIDI track.

It still doesn’t work ;/

Is MIDI Thru checked in Prefs? Is Local set to off on the keyboard?

Sorry if I am stating the obvious, but have you connected your keyboard to the input of the track you selected and is a vsti dedicated to that particular track?

local set is off and I have connected my keyboard to the input of the selected track
but how do I know if vst is dedicated to that track ?

You have HSSE selected as the output. Do you have a patch loaded in it?

what should be selected as output? as I understand I select my interface as input and the vsti as output or an instrument?

I was explaining:

Again, do you have a preset loaded in HSSE? Zip the .cpr and attach it.

I hope you’r patient. You see, I’m a real beginner, so could you explain me what the HSSE is?

Halion Sonic SE, the VSTi you’re using.

A Team Viewer session would be the quickest to sort this.

HSSE=HalionSonic SE. But different from what Nate seems to think, creating a MIDI track does not automatically load HalionSonic SE. So you probably have not loaaded any VSTinstrument

For HSSE to be available on the track it has to be loaded in the rack. See the screenshot.

Sorry, should have looked at the screenshot more thoroughly - To hear the audio out of Cubase, you do of course need an audio connection, the Cubase audio bus set up correctly and your 0404 Patchmix DSP software setup correctly…
Do you hear any audio out of cubase…?

I got it, it works ;D thanks