Cubase Envelope


Is het Possible to make somthing like this:

Lp filter and automate this. when you automate is is it possible to pencile a sinus and does the tool make this automatic ?

In Fruity loops you have a tool you can do this in your automation.
I work in cubase 6.5 and i cant make a easely sinus or i need to make it by just drawing. But you cant do this precisely.

Plz help me out…

Kind regards

Steven Rutten


There is Sine tool (under the Line tool). You can draw the sine by using this. Why you can’t do this precisely? What parameter do you miss? You can set amplitude, you can set time (frequency), you can set start, you can set end. What more do you need?

Martin - I understand english is not your first language, but you really need to read peoples posts more carefully…! He is talking about AUTOMATION lines; there is no ability to (easily) draw perfect curved lines there.

This has been requested as a feature enhancement over the years (bezier curves), but is yet to see the light of day…

I totally agree, bezier curves would work much more better for editing of curves.

But if you want to create (draw) curves from zero, you can draw Sine in Cubase. I agree, again, you can’t draw any curve perfectly. But you can draw Sine very precise, in Cubase.

And I’m talking about automation curves.

You are right, english is not my first language, sorry for this.

Ok thx for the info,

I hope Cubase will make this in next update :slight_smile:

For me personally, I hope so (editing with bezier curves) for several years. :-/