Cubase EQ default "low shelf II" Q:7 - How can I change that


Per default cubase’s eq 1 has default “low shelf II” Q:7 - How can I change that?

I never use that settings, so Its just annoying, that I have to change it every time

Try setting up a template.

Setting up a template doesnt help. Every newly created audio, instrument, fx, group will have the default settings again.

Creating a template with large amounts of preset tracks of every kind is an ugly solution.


I mean… does anybody NOT change that Q=7 in the default low band setting??? for me this is totally useless and I have to change it EVERY single time.

I always change the high pass type as the default one introduces a large bump at the cut off.

Indeed it would be handy to make your own choice a default.

Well, life can be really tough sometimes.
Even worse, I have to change almost any frequency, Q, and gain on every band of the EQ, only because Cubase cannot read my mind… :mrgreen:

And since it can not read my mind, can it at least let me create my own default or start with some more common default? Back to the topic stupid troll

No, it can not
And since you´re in the C5 forum: there will not be any update for C5 anymore, that will introduce this feature, in case you didn´t understand that also…
therefore I´d say the topic is over already…

You could make a EQ preset with it setup the way you want.