cubase eq

i always wondered would i notice a big difference if i purchased a dedicated eq plug?
i always use the cubase eq in the channel edit window,but when reading reviews about eq plugs,sometimes they say how great they sound.
i write dance music(incase that makes a difference)so maybe someone knows from experience.

Some 3rd Party EQ kann make low and highcut with more than 24db/oct
So with Fabfilter pro q for example you can cut down to 48db/oct

My personal opinion is that i can cut with the Fabfilterpro q more precise than with the studioeq of cubase.

Hope question cleared :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

If you’re looking to buy a third party EQ these are very good value:
I use them FWTW, and I like them because they can do more than the ok Cubase ones.


Oh yeah those eq look also great just got the demo to test and price is more than fair :wink:

Thanks for this link :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

The fabfilter product looks very good, thanks for that. Reading the owners manual for the ddmf product shows a latency issue that I don’t want to get into although it might be a fine product, too.