Cubase Equivalent of 'Convert Drums to New MIDI Track'

Hi - I saw the right click option of ‘Convert Drums to New MIDI Track’ in Ableton, where a single audio file containing different drum parts is automatically converted to a MIDI track and at the same time the DAW attempts to interpret and map the kick, snare etc onto different MIDI notes.

Has anyone got an equivalent process in Cubase which is comparably simple?

I have done similar things in the past in Cubase like converting to a MIDI file and then separating the different drum types manually, or identifying different drum types in Groove Agent, but I’ve never found anything which is quite as simple as the Ableton process - which is obviously a great help when it comes to doubling drums with additional samples etc.

Any help gratefully received…

I don’t have Ableton, but I also heard that this feature assigns velocities to the midi notes in proportion to the strength of the audio notes - so ideally, would like to know the simplest way to

  1. Automatically produce a MIDI track from an audio drum part
  2. Create velocity information
  3. Identify drum types and map them onto different MIDI notes


Groove Agent can do this. Our am I missing something?