Cubase Error Msg - ASIO cannot detect hardware properties


First time on this forum, so forgive me if I leave out any information:

I am running Cubase LE - 2008 - Ver 4.1.3 Build 853, with Presonus Firebox (via MAC Moss 800 firewire) with an iMAC OSX 10.6.8. Normally I set my ASIO driver to Firebox and in VST Audio , switch driver to Firebox and everything Sends and Receives just fine. I have used it this way for years. I am not sure why the drive switches back to "Built-In Line (the MACs in controll of audio), but it does it once in a while.

A few days ago, when Cubase (or the MAC? firewire controller?) reset to Built-In driver (for Input and Output) I recieved the an error message in Cubase saying, “ASIO cannot detect hardware properties” when I tried to switch the driver back to Firebox.

I can’t seem to find the problem. More information:

  1. I have re-booted many times. No change.
  2. I have unplugged the MAC for 12 hours and Firebox and re-booted and re-plugged. No change.
  3. I have run the Packet test in Cubase under VST Connectors and the “recieve packets” are not coming - I am getting an error for each transmission. The Send packets are fine.
  4. When I use iTunes, the MAC applications run fine through the Firewire/Firebox and to my external speakers. Similarly, when I send a signal input from my Peavy mixer to the Firebox (using Line Input 1 and 2 for instance), it works fine as well. But I am by-passing the firewire.
  5. Under Preference / Sound on the MAC - I have set Audio Control to the Firebox for both Inputs and Outputs. These haven’t chnaged in years.
  6. I have re-installed the latest Firebox Download for MAC from Presonus, which re-installs the Mixer, Controller and changed the firmware as well. No change to the send packet errors. No send or receive on playback from Recent Cubase projects.

I can’t seem to figure out what has happend between Cubase and Firebox. I want to ask the Firebox forum first for assistance. I have heard that the MAC / Firebox set up doesn’t even need an ASIO driver. So I don’t really understand the error message “ASIO cannot detect hardware properties” and then sets the driver back to “Built-In”.

Buy a new cable?

Any ideas?

Many thanks…