Cubase essential 4 Halion and midi


I am running as above on a 64bit machine (Windows 7).

I can import a midi file into cubase and it plays through my Behringher UM2 soundcard.
I can input midi using My M-Audio O2 keyboard. I can see the data in the list editor.

What I can’t do is hear it as I input or listen to it when it plays back!

I’ve installed the latest Behringher audio driver, Asio4All 64bit (29.09.14 dated driver).
It all seems to recognise but I can’t hear a thing!

Any help or advice.


Do you have your outputs selected on your track(s)?

Do you have your MONITOR button selected (the little speaker icon)?

Yes I have the orange monitor button selected and I’ve selected HalionOne as output.

I can’t hear anything through HalionOne.

I can screenshot my settings if you’d like?
It’s got to be something really simple that I’m missing!!!