Cubase Essential 5 freezes Windows 7 (64 bit)

Randomly around every 10-30 minutes when I use Cubase Essential 5 (32 Bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 7 freezes while I hear a buzzing sound. This always happens during playback. I can’t even evoke the task manager any more and I have to cut the power.
Has anyone an idea/solution?

What are you working with when this happens? I am having a similar problem when I open the Cubase Essential 5 Score Editor. I’ve contacted support and am waiting for a reply as soon as the weekend is up. Meanwhile you could trash you preferences and see if that works…

Also check your driver settings. Unless I’m using my CI1, I use the asio4all driver.

Hope this is helpful,
Bane :smiling_imp:

I gave up. Still no response from support. And I don’t want to damage my hardware by pulling the plug of my frozen PC every 20 minutes.
I bought the update for Artist 6 with 64 bit support. This version is quite stable and only crashes occasionally. However, only the software crashes and not my computer which is the important thing.

I sent support the LOG file as it tells you in the Knowledge Base so that they could decode it or whatever. They say I need to update Quicktime, which is where the problem lies. Even though I haven’t got around to it yet, you might could give it a try. The weekend’s been up for a little while now. :smiley:

I don’t get it. Anyways, as I said, I gave up and do not use Essential 5 anymore. I don’t want to try in order not to damage my hardware and I already paid for Essential 6.