Cubase Essential 5 License

Does any one happen to have a license for CE5 that they aren’t using due to an upgrade. I need another license to run because I need to run CE5 on 2 machines simulataneously. I contacted support to see if they could sell me an activation code to whicg they replied I would have to buy the software. CE5 isn’t available anymore, so any help someone can give would be greatly appreciated.

No one will be able to hand over a license due to an upgrade, as it replaces the license to unlock a superior Cubase. Although Essential is not available on the online shop, other places (Ebay, Amazon, Sweetwater, etc.) still sell it since it’s still fairly recent. Hope that helps.

I’ve tried all of those, so far with no luck. I am willing to pay for the license if anyone has one that they aren’t using for any other reason besides the upgrade. I really need help here.

Would a Cubase Elements 6 license let you run Cubase Essential 5? I am not certain but I think it would. It only costs $99. Then you could install the Cubase Essential 5 on the new computer. Please check with sales on this. I am not certain I am correct about the license working on “lesser” versions with the software license. With the dongle on the full versions, I am certain it works.

I don´t think it would. The update path from Essential 5 is to Artist 6…

Are you serious? :unamused: You really should search better.

No, since Essential is still superior to Elements, an Elements license will not run Essential or vice versa. Already tried.

OK. My mistake. So would it work to buy an Artist 6.5 license and run Essential 5 with it? $250 is quite a bit more though. FWIW, I couldn’t find any Essential 5 online either. Not even on ebay.

Do I have a different Google strategy than you guys? :confused:

Any local music retailer will sell you Essential 5. Know your prices though and don’t let 'em rip ya. :wink:

Come on Bane… Are you saying that $549 for Essential 5 is even an option? Of course we saw that. Amazon is the first thing I (and probably anyone) checks. But, at that price, it might as well NOT be there at all.
I know you are just busting our chops. :smiley:

:laughing: I found it online for $100! Beat that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not tell where?

It is out of stock but…

Again, I know you have a local music store that would be more than happy to sell it to you for a reasonable price. A Guitar Center, Sam Ash, or whatever you can find locally will work.