Cubase Essential 5 - Panning Send Reverb

Hello everyone,

This is a question about send effects, something I have only just started experimenting with.

I am using Roomworks SE as a send effect for several channels. It looks like the output from Roomworks SE can only be panned left or right, with no control over where each individual instrument’s reverb is panned.

Is this because Roomworks SE is mono?

On a typical mix I assumed that the reverb from an instrument would normally be panned to the same place as the instrument, or would you normally do what Roomworks does and put all the reverb to the centre? Probably obvious I know but not to me I’m afraid…

Assuming that the reverb should be panned to the same place as the instrument, will a stereo reverb VST do the trick for a reverb send?

Even then, does the original instrument have to be a stereo signal for that to work?

Sorry for all the questions, this is new territory for me.

I’d appreciate any advice, and if I haven’t explained all this very well, I’ll gladly clarify.

Thanks for reading


On closer inspection it seems like the output from Roomworks SE is stereo after all…however…

This doesnt change my inability to control where the reverb turns up in the stereo mix for each instrument.