Cubase Essential 5 problems(need some help)

Hey, I have this problem when i log in with my e-licenser. sometimes it work, sometimes it don’t. it just hangs at “Initializing LCC”. and then the program crashes, which mean I have to restart my pc to get it to work again(if I’m lucky). the usb licenser should be fine, its always glowing red when I put it in my usb port.although I take it out when im in the program because I need a free usb port for my mouse. maybe that’s a problem?

The thing Im doing in cubase now is that I’m trying to get my midi-keyboard to work…(If i’m lucky to get in) But I have some latency problems aswell, but I think i Figured it out.

My soundcard is Yamaha Steingberg c12+.

Cubase also crashes if I switch things in Device Setup. which is also super annoying.

What can I do to make cubase run more smootly? without all this crashes. I just wanna create music, and its a huge letdown when technical errors ruins that. It also crashed when I tried to load some vst plugins.

is just that cubase essential 5 is quite an old editon that’s maybe not that compatible with Windows 8.1?
I would really appreciate some help with what I should do.

okay, Try and learn they say. And i’ve gotten much further now. got myself usb hub so the licencer is plugged in all the time… So that don’t crash anymore.

I need some advice on the next step. because I’ve just created a song that i really like. and i was trying to export it. but it crashes all the time in audio mixdown. at 0%. whole program just freezes. and then i try to restart and try a other format to save in(mpeg) and them I get another error. saying “no more encodes”.

the project is there. and i can listen to the song in cubase, but im not able to export. Can I open these files in a newer version of cubase? like 7.5? and do I need to buy a new licence if i want a newer version of cubase? I’m really new to cubase, so I may ask many questions. but it’s kinda frustrating that it crashes so often.

thanks for any reply.