Cubase Essential 6 Trial

I own Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 on 2 steinberg keys.
I have to share work with people working with Cubase Essential 6.
Can I install the Cubase Essential 6 Trial version and use it like a full version with my Cubase 6 key ?
I know that Cubase 6 key can run any Cubase version (5, Studio 5, 4, Studio 4…) but I don’t know for Essential 6…

Thanks :wink:


Hi there,

Yes, you can open Cubase Elements 6 (even the trial) with a C6/CA6 license.

By the way do you know this info?

Global project compatibility between Cubase 6 derivates

Ensure seamless project compatibility between all Cubase 6 derivates and exchange projects with other studios or friends that run a smaller Cubase 6 version (such as Cubase Artist 6). The sixth version of Cubase allows for overall project consistency so users of different Cubase 6 versions can read and work on the same project — absolutely hassle-free.

Thanks !!
Oh no, I didn’t read anything about Cubase 6 projects compatibility. I know that problems may occur sharing with different versions by the past…
Does a chart exist talking about compatibilies ?