Cubase Essentials 4 user-problem

Hi there

A couple of days ago, I foolishly decided to download and install new Microsoft Security updates. Now until that point my Cubase Essentials 4 had been working fine. But now I have a major problem and I hope someone can really help me out because the last thing I want to do is uninstall and reinstall:

My method of opening the application is to first switch on my external M Audio FastTrack Pro soundcard. Then I launch Cubase. It opens fine and then I go to the section of the drop down menu that allows me to choose which sound card I want to use and this is where the problem occurs. I scroll down and locate M Audio and click to choose it. but when I click OK to accept, my system freezes up and I have to reboot the computer.

Now as I said before, the application worked fine until a couple of days ago. I have tried to download and install an updated driver for the sound card but that didn’t work. I have even tried to find an update for CB Essentials 4 but the only one I have found is the one I last installed when I bought the product about 4 years ago.

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?

I am using Vista 32 (yes I know maybe I should have upgraded my computer years ago, but other apps and the computer have been and continue to work fine regardless of that)

What I am wanting to know, is this a Cubase problem or an M Audio problem caused by the installing of the MS updates?

If the computer itself freezes it is more likely to be a driver problem since userland applications should in most cases not be able to take the system with it and Vista was fairly good in these respects (Although I only ran the 64bit version). Can you trace what updates were installed by going to the windows update in control panel an look through the installed updates log, it might be that the OS installed a new driver of some sort that is interfering with the soundcard (is it firewire or USB?), backleveling that driver or uninstalling that update should then be possible after identification.

Thanks Reiknir…I’ll give that a try and let u know

Hi Reiknir
Well I uninstalled all the updates, except two, that I installed a week ago but still the application is freezing the system and I had to reboot again. The two updates that I couldn’t uninstall were Microsoft .Net Framework 5.4.1 and Microsoft Silverlight. I have googled both these applications and it would seem they run hand in hand, although I don’t actually use them. Sliverlight is recommended to have, as some websites use Silverlight to run them, but I don’t know which.
Could either of these updates be conflicting with Cubase causing it to freeze up? It’s worht noting that I have a previous version of Net Framework and I haven’t had any problems since installing those updates last week.

I guess the question that has been burning in my mind would be, if I have to uninstall Cubase, how easy will it be to reinstall it, given that you have to enter a licence number etc. I have the dongle and my program is an authorised version, bought and paid for.
I also have a myriad of VST plug ins and effects bundles that run with Cubase. Would I have to reinstall them too,or would it just be a case of asking Cubase to find them?

Silverlight should not be a problem since Cubase does not use it, in fact despite being a sort of a sane version of Adobe Flash, almost nobody uses it.

Is the license on a dongle or not? Make sure by downloading and installing the newest elicenser from and view the license info from the elicenser utility.

If the Cubase license is on the dongle, you can delete and re-install cubase on any or all computers that you like without ever contacting the license server, the licensing info is kept encrypted on the dongle and is therefore not easily deleted and the program will not start without the dongle anyway.

Cubase Essentials is usually used with a software elicenser that keeps the license on the hard drive and if that is deleted due to disk failure or something you will need to re-authorise, however the eLicenser is a separate program and install location so as long as you do not delete the license from the computer you should be able to delete and re-install cubase at will.

VST’s do not need to be re-installed, merly added to the paths that cubase searches for them

Thanks for the info mate.
Yes the licence is in the dongle. As you say the program won’t work without it, so I guess I don’t need to do anything there, just uninstall and start again.
I guess adding the paths for the VST’s is in the VST Connections section of Cubase…
I really appreciate the help and advice. I hope that deleting and reinstalling Cubase fixes the problem.