Cubase/EuCon assignments

I’m not quite sure where to direct these questions. Here, or to Avid. But since it concerns Cubase features, I start here.

  1. I’ve figured out how to assign a fader (Artist Control) to a channel in Cubase’s MixControl. However, is it possible to assign other parameters (such as the Cue monitor faders in the Control Room) aswell.

  2. Where are these assignments stored? Is it possible to store them as default settings?

Since all my projects contain a Mix fader and two Cue faders, it would be convenient to have these permanently assigned to 3 of the faders on the Artist Control (and let the Artist Mix deal with the rest of the channels).

I’d also prefer to have these assignments stored as default settings, and not having to set them up manually each time I create a new project, or open up an excising one.

Any help in setting this up (if possible) would be greatly appreciated.


Faders are assigned to channels dynamically by banks. Every bank has 8 channels. If you want to, you can lock any Channel to the fader. You can do this in the Avid EuCon editor (Cubase - and the project - has to be open).

Yes, I know that. My question is…
a) Can I lock the Cue send faders (they are not included in the options in the EuControl settings assign tab)?

b) Can I save these setting as default. i.e. not having to reset them every time I open a project (or create a new one)?

No and no, sorry.

You can create a default Cubase template session that has your fader assignments set up as you wish.

That appears to be only half the solution. From what I’ve been able to figure out, the settings under the Assign tab are not saved with the project. What is saved is the Layout!

So the procedure becomes:

  1. Set up the fader assignments in the Assign tab in the EuControl.
  2. Save these as a Layout in the Layouts tab in the EuControl.
  3. Save the project in the Cubase.

Now the assignments are retained the next time the project is opened. You can, of cause, make a template that include the Layout, or select it in the EuControl for each new project.

Now, if I only could figure out how to assign the Cue faders to the Artist Control.

Hi you,

you simply do not have to ;o)

You can control the cue sends by pressing “Aux” (topmost right button next to the toucscreen) and then “page right”. Now you will see the cue sends (Studio sends) and can control the Levels AND the pan!

Cheers, ERnst

Well firstly, when I said Cue faders, I was referring to the master Cue faders in the Control Room section, not the Cue sends on the individual channels.

I’ve assigned fader 1-3 on the Artist Control to 3 of the input channels (and the 4th to the Stereo Mix channel). In order to do this I, of cause, had to activate the “Input channels” in Device Setuo/Remote Devices/Eucon. This has unfortunately givven me an other irritating “problem”. The input channels show up on the Artist Mix, despite being made invisible in Cubase.

Is there any way to make the Artist Control/Mix follow the Visibility settings set in Cubase.
And is there any way to prevent assigned channels on one device (Artist Control) from being displayed on the other (Artist Mix)?

Hi you, sorry for not getting your Point in my first reply.

Unfortunately there is no way to handle the control room mixer (and thus also faders) like the normal mixer and assign the volumes/pans to EUcon-Faders. This is a design flaw in Eucon I am afraid or at least in the eucon Adapter. I would also love to have this, it would feel most Logical and Handy.

My solution is to additionally use a Novation Zero slmkII Controller and use ist faders to control the control room faders.

COncerning your second question: Unfortunately Artist channel visibility does not follow cubase track visibility. This is really a nuisance. I think the Problem here is that EUCON follows a different logic with the fader-assignment-Feature of EuControl. I do hope that Steinberg one day changes the implementation so that the visibilities go in sync. FOr reasons I do not understand I do not know any positive posting/reaction on this from Steinberg.

Cheers, Ernst

YOu can avoid to have channels represented on both, your MCControl and your mcmix. BUt unfortunately only by Manual fader assignments via Eucontrol. The Thing that we would love to see here is; If a fader is fixed assigned to McControl it should simply dissappear from McMix.

Thanx ,Elien, for your info. I fully agree that having the Avid Artist controllers follow the visibility settings in Cubase, and that any assigned channel (s) should be excluded among the auto-assigned ones, is the proper and logical way to go. Let’s hope that Steiney is listening.

Hi Thank you - so let us hope together ;o)

I am afraid that at least the Feature “exclude assigned channels from list of automatically assignable channels” would require Action the side of avid.

Regards, Ernst