Cubase + EuCon = Crash?

Hello Guys,

I’ve been using 2 Avid S1 + Avid Dock for almost 2 years in Cubase and It Crashes A LOT while executing the: “libEuCon2.dylib”
Almost 90% of those chrashes are when I’m opening a project or closing a project, so nothing super problematic but annoying. It crashed previously when I was using Mojave + Cubase 11, Now it crashes with Monterey + Cubase 12. It also crashes on my Laptop using Ventura + Cubase 12. I’m pretty sure it’s not hardware related. I don’t know if this is a bug in cubase or a bug in EuCon libraries.

Is anyone also having this same issue ?

I am having a different issue with Windows but the conditions you are describing are not happening.

Eucon is fine for me at the moment on 12 pro…

Can’t see any way to view the input channels though…

Working fine here but I’m on Windows 11.