Cubase + EW Virtual Instrument Library

Hi everyone !

We have a score we have created using the notation software Musescore.

It can export it as a MIDI file. For Information we play it on a Yamaha’s Clavinova without any problem .
I would like to set up all my MIDI channels with EW Virtual Instrument library in Cubase.
I think it’s possible because EW is compatible with Cubase.
Then we would like to use the MIDI file (from Cubase) and play it in our software we are developing in C++.

The trouble is that the guy from EW tells me that it’s not possible without using their own player.
That’s a big problem !

What are the different export file formats in Cubase ?

Do you have any idea ?
Thanks !

EW player is a virtual instrument that loads in to any host such as cubase, studio one etc etc that supports the VST protocol, It will play any midi information on any channel from with that host. It can also run as a standalone for real time playing.

The software your developing needs to have the facility to import midi files and have the capability to load and run VST instruments.

You could also export the audio from cubase.

Thanks for replies.
Midi + VST, I think, is a good solution.
I have made some tests with Kompakt and Cubase and I got good results.
The question now is:
I made some tunings on the VST instruments.
When I quit Kompakt, it asks me to save the instruments.
How are they saved and where are they ?
I guess that these files are needed by our software ?

No idea ?