Cubase exclusive FX improvement suggestions

This is for the fx that can only be found in Cubase, some are only available in Cubase Pro and Artist. I really like the effects that come with Cubase(I’m using Cubase Pro 12) but, some of them need improvements.
The pitch shifter in the MultiTap Delay needs to go up a full octave,it only goes up to 7.02.If it went up +12 we could combine MultiTap Delay with Reverence or Revelation to create a shimmer type reverb.
It would be nice if the Octaver went up 1 or 2 octaves.
The FX Modulater is awesome but,would be even more awesome if it had a x/y pad or axis or some way to blend between fx the way United Plugins Orbitron does.

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Other FX could also be improved by extending their range, especially LFO parameters.
Why it must be limited to a minimum 1:1 (tempo sync)? It’s LFO after all, not HFO. Give us 2:1, 4:1 8:1 etc.

Effects in FX Modulator have also a limited number of parameters and blank space that could be populated with more parameters. My only guess is that it was left so they can add it later and put it as a selling point in the next Cubase release.

Many times those limits make me go to 3rd party plugins while I would prefer to do as much as possible with native plugins, so I could care less about the need to install old plugins while opening old projects (for example).

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Da Tube could use some more features/options. I think it’s supposed to be power amp distortion so maybe a choice of tube types like,6L6,EL34,6550 etc… Some amplifier types like class a,class a/b etc…

Frequency 2 and StudioEQ both need a tilt mode.