Cubase.exe not responding in a task manager and freezes


Here’s the problem… I’ve noticed long time ago this issue but decided to post now.

If the project is quite heavy (25-60 Mb), Cubase will freeze in 95% cases after closing after literally switching to any other WINDOW.

If I press “close button (X)” and then press Alt+Tab and choose another window, application (For example Chrome browser) etc and get back to Cubase after, it will definately freeze… So sometime I have to wait a loooooooooooong before it closes…

So it takes a while to close PROJECT window and then it takes a long time to close Cubase itself… Why?

In most cases (I have projects over 25Mb) I have to close Cubase through Task Manager - End task which I suppose not quite good for Cubase…

How can I solve this problem?

I’ve seen many posts where Cubase hanging open or not responding when closing and shown still open in the task manager was caused by a 3rd party VST not closing properly. Usually caused when CB is totally closed before closing the project, by itself, first.

Try running Cubase in safe mode without VSTs loaded. If it then closes properly then you know it is related to problematic VST(s) and you would have to do the dreaded VST elimination investigation process to find the offending VSTs.

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Mostly its a plugin VST or VSTi not closing or opening correctly. Mostly the plugins that have more lagg, but could be any plugin inside the project. Second but very minor, if the CPR file (song track project) was damged before, it could keep on loading incorrect and on a closed could crash, i have had that once. Good thing Cubase does make backups when this happens.