Cubase exit

WHY ?! when I do File → Quit this Fu…g Top bar still stay appears until I close it by the cross high right ?!
And why Cubase 12 start everytime like I crashed the last time when not ??! pfffffff

Instead of just expressing your anger, the forum can help you understand/fix what ails you, if you divulge the secrets of your system and OS

I’m a very old user of Cubase, (since Cubase VST32) and I don’t understand this system with the top bar. If I’m anger it’s because it’s very the first time I feel very angry about Cubase 12 because it lag at start, at duplication of a track, at clic on the Tab Media for the first time, at loading a plugin during a playback etc … and I don’t think I have a little machine too short (i9 9900K with 32Go RAM all system and sounds on SSD) so ! (win11)

I understand what you’re saying, and I and others would be happy to help troubleshoot.

If after 30 years you only got angry once, Steinberg Cubase must be doing something right. Maybe take a breath and come back with some calm energy and clear descriptions