Cubase Expander plugin has no makeup gain???-FEATURE REQUEST

I would like to request that a make-up gain knob be added to the expander plugin. Obviously when using this plugin, the volume drops significantly and without makeup gain, it is necessary to either use more plugins to get the gain back up, or run the fader all the way up to +6.

I know a lot of people probably don’t use this plugin often, but surely this is a needed addition… Anyway, BUMP.

Dropping volume starting at a certain threshold is a downward expander’ s job. If the amount is too much, you should learn how to set the parameters correctly.

Ok. I’m ready to learn. Please bestow your great wisdom upon me.


What job are you trying to do with the expander?
Generally if you need to make up gain the expander is set wrongly for most uses, for special effects then anything goes.


Yeah, I have to admit, I’d need it explained to me why you’d need make-up gain in an expander as it (as designed) would leave the peak levels alone, and reduce the levels of sub-threshold audio. Why/how does it need a makeup control?

I wanted to use the expander to make a track sound more dynamic in volume - to accentuate the quick little volume changes. The sound I was working with is pretty flat volume-wise. Maybe there is a better way to do this than with the Cubase expander… I don’t know.

An expander is a good tool to use for this.
The most dynamic range is Max level to Min possible level.
Normalise to max then use the expander to lower the levels between those maximum peaks.
An expander should always be set to leave the maximum peaks intact so if they are already at max level that takes care of the loud end of things and the expander takes care of the miminum ,no need to make up gain, max is max and is unchanged.


Thanks for trying to help Hippo - I appreciate it. I think it does work “somewhat” better if I normalize first, so thank you for that suggestion.

In regards to the condescending attitude from some of the others here… I just found a plugin made by Flux called the “Pure expander II”. ( It has both an input and output level control. It has a built in clipper on the output. Makeup gain / Level control is a worthless feature eh??? NOT. Within 10 seconds, I was able to get the effect I was looking for. Yet you people criticize me and act like I’m a fool because I can’t get better results with the Cubase Expander?

I just had a product suggestion for improvement to Cubase’s relatively basic expander plugin, and I decided to share my product suggestion here. Would you prefer I not share product ideas in the future? Would you prefer a Steinberg that does not listen to it’s users?