Cubase expired but still Active Artist 7 key valid?

Hi all. I have a small issue at the moment.
I downloaded and installed Cubase 7 Artist from ISOs. Everytime I launched cubase it asked me whether I wanted to try Cubase 7 or launch Artist 7. I always chose Artist 7 because that is the version I own and it is a valid version on my eLicenser (USB version).
Now the Cubase 7 trial has expired, and everytime I launch cubase it gives me the expired error .But I still have the valid Artist 7.5 on my eLicenser plugged in ??? I tried the eLicenser maintanance and still didn’t fix it.
What do i do? I don’t want to re-install Cubase from scratch as I have it setup perfectly at the moment.
Please advise. Cheers.

Ah yes, that’s a bit annoying. Reinstalling will not help because the cubase 7 and cubase artist 7 installations are in fact identical.
I have no idea where, but somewhere in the Cubase preferences there is a check-box you can tick that’s related to trialing Cubase 7 on startup, that should get you sorted hopefully.

Thanks for your advice Strophid. Trouble is, I cannot get into Cubase preferences, as I cannot even launch Cubase. The Time expired error prevents this.
Thank you.

Could you clarify EXACTLY what license is on the dongle and EXACTLY which version you are trying to start.

Cubase Artist 7 is on the dongle. Below is the message I get.

You are trying to start Cubase 7.5 but your license is for Artist 7. Look for a Cubase 7 (or Artist 7) icon to start. It is possible that you installed a 7.5 trial which irreversibly modified your C7 installation in which case you will have to reinstall C7 (not 7.5!). It may also be possible to undo the update to 7.5.

You are right.
Ok I believe I have worked out whats happening. It may or may not be my sheer stupidity.
For some reason I assumed Cubase Artist was a free update from 7.0. I ONLY have a license for Artist 7.0 and NOT 7.5, but my install DVD is Cubase and Artist 7.5. And I’m struggling to find a way to downgrade and/or download a 7.0 version.

I think i may take the easy way out and upgrade to Artist 8 from 7, and download that and start fresh.

Excuse my ignorance on this subject and many thanks for the help thus far.