Cubase expires in 16 hours

I had Cubase 8.5, and then I upgraded on a newer computer to the latest computer. I thought I transferred all of my files and projects to this Dell computer.
But for the first time in months, I came across a project where the audio file was missing. I couldn’t find it and I went back and booted up the older ASUS, which still had the dongle in it, but when I got to opening Cubase, it said license expired and I had 16 hours of use. Is this because I wasn’t connected to the internet?

I was able to open the project there and export a mixdown and import the file into the porject on the Dell and play it. there may be some other songs that may have this problem, so I may have to go through this again if such pops up.


You need the USB-eLicenser plugged in to the computer, where is your Cubase running. So if you want to run it on the new system, you have to plug it to the new system. If you want to run it on the old systen, plug the USB-eLicenser in to the old system, please.

If it doesn’t work, attach a screenshot of the eLicenser (blur the USB-eLicenser Number), please.

So I went back to the old ASUS and connected to the Internet, closed and reopened Cubase and with the dongle attached, it still sadi I had about 15 hours left. I clicked on the license activation, and it asked me to fill in the license code, which I never had to within memory and don’t know, All I ever needed was having the dongle connected. I think those boxes were filled with x or something. I’d shut it off after going back to the new Dell.

You have me lost already at this sentence.
Can you please state which version of Cubase is installed on which computer?

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8.5 is on Win7 ASU. 13 is on Win11 Dell. I went to the ASUS when a project was missing the audio file, somehow lost, from the Dell but still on ASUS where I exported it. While on the SUS with 8,5, and the dongle, it told me I only had 16 hours left on my license. This never happened before, and I still may need to return if I find other projects with a missing file.

Were did the message appear? Inside Cubase or in the eLicenser Control Center? If the eLCC also states that the license is about to expire, it might help to perform the maintenance task. Maybe you also need to install a more recent eLCC on the old PC.