cubase export help

hey guys something id like to do that would make my life much easier if when i export and theres some vst synth or sampler to make it mixdown always exactly like it plays within the project. If at some bar i set the start of the loop in the middle of a vst synth midi note, than when i export, it mixdowns out of beat. But if i press play at the start of that loop in the project it doesnt sound out of beat. Is it possible to make it that when i mixdown it sounds like in project always regardless if midi is perfectly lined up at the start of the loop?


Are you exporting in real-tine, or offline?

What VSTi do you use? Is it any loop triggered by the MIDI Note?

happens both in realtime and offline, any loop, any vst…does this happen to everyone or just me?


I’m sorry, i don’t understand this sentence very well.

Could you explain it, or send a screenshot, please?