Cubase Export Page

Hi All,
When I open the export page in Cubase it usually has the information of a previous song export like export file routing, song name, whether I’m importing back to Cubase, mp3 tag info etc. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern as to which song export is displayed when it is opened.
Is there any setting to keep the same info for each song that is exported or is the export page a global function?
Thanks for your thoughts.


Not sure what you mean by ‘global function’ but if you mean does the Export window always contain the info you inserted the last time you exported a Project, then yes, it does. It does not sense or enter the current song you are exporting, this is all on you.

Thanks for the hit Mr Roos!
My problem is that it doesn’t always retain the last song that was exported. Sometimes it will show a song I exported 2 weeks before. That only happens on the first opening when Cubase is first launched for that day but I may want to keep the song info that I closed with the day before. Not a hassle but would be a lot more convenient.

Wow… Really? This is odd behavior in my world. I can’t imagine why this is happening. Are you opening the same version of Cubase? This is the only explanation I could imagine for what you are seeing.

I’ve never seen it have anything other than the last exported info.

Not sure but maybe this could happen if Cubase crashes while closing. That’s when it saves its current state for Preferences & the like. It might be using whatever was saved the last time it normally shutdown.

Well, not only Cubase but W10 blue screened on me a few times. A problem I never had with W7 but I think it may be my own doing by using a different version of CB. But then again, I could swear that it’s happened using the same version. I mostly use CB 10. Once in a blue moon I may use 9.5 but it’s happened more often then that. I’ll try to keep track of its occurrences.

Yes I expect a crash can cause this but it’s not only crash related. I most often see it in the mp3 info panel (may not be what it’s called)…I’ve not had Cubase crash for months but saw this mp3 info filled with the song title from last year yesterday.

Perhaps Cubase is trying to suggest which song it thinks we should be working on :astonished:


FWIW, I see this exact same thing, too. Been happening since I went from 10 to 10.5, I think. Not entirely sure, but it’s been quite a while. It also always defaults to upload to soundcloud since 10.5.12, which is totally bizarre because I’ve never done that. I always have it set to open wavelab or nothing. But every time, without fail, it seems to desperately want me to use soundcloud no matter how many times I change it back. I have a few other examples of Cubase not “remembering” little things like this, but I don’t want to hijack this thread.

:laughing: …and what’s more I think it’s usually right!