Cubase Export Question

Hello Everyone,

There is one thing I have been thinking about a lot. Many years back I used to work with Magix, and once I changedbto Cubase, I noticed something with the export. When I try to export one instrument, while muting a huge number of otherninstruments, it takes the same time as exporting all instruments together. I remember it was faster in Magix asnI muted the rest. Does anyone know why this is so? Or if there is a way export the single instrument faster than the whole thing? It really takes away a lot of precious timeā€¦

Thanks a lot.

yes use the batch export to export single stuff, its quicker
back to your original question of why it takes so long when using regular export method .if you just solo a track and export that one track, all the other tracks are still enabled and active they are only muted so they are still using cpu. you can also disable tracks by right clicking and choose disable track ,now that track won`t drain power .i will disable a track if i am not sure if i will use that particular track again ,if there are a few i will put them in a folder and call it the disabled folder. to activate again right click and enable track