cubase expression maps and vepro 7

Hey everyone,

I posted over at the VSL forum but haven’t had and feedback just wondering if there’s a way to use the expression maps feature in Cubase w Vepro? I’m using EW HW Strings etc , I managed to get it to work with the key switch patches using C0 note on etc but can’t make a custom one where you load several articulations into PLAY and create the Exp map using the channels. Any help would be great.




The Expression Maps in Cubase just send common MIDI data. It doesn’t mater if the data are sent directly to the instrument, or over the VEPro Server to the VEPro host. So yes, you can use it.

Thanks Martin,

I just figured it out. The routing was a little confusing. Incase anyone else is stuck here’s what I did.

  1. I load an instance of PLAY with 4 articulations in VEpro and set the midi channels in PLAY to correspond with the Expression map in cubase
    so I have VE PRO plugin Midi in 1 - All-
    PLAY channels 1-4

  2. in cubase I load a midi track set to midi channel 1 ( 01 Vienna ensemble pro midi in 1)

  3. to add next instrument repeat but you need to make the next plugin go out on VE PRO plugin Midi in 2 - All- and in cubase make the midi channel
    01 Vienna ensemble pro midi in 2

probably pretty obvious to most but took me a min.