Cubase fails to load project Kernellbase.dll error

I`ve read all the other topics, but this is a definitly diferent situation.

I`m working on a 34 track live recording with files 2 hours long, 48khz 24 bit. 41 GBytes of Data on an External USB2.0 drive.

The thing is… After a while and some editing the session started to crash while opening, right after “loading mixer…” “Connecting media” also lasts at least 30 seconds on screen

It reports an Kernellbase.dll error.
No plugins are being used at this time, nor audio or instruments.

After some experiements I`ve managed to see that erasing the “images” folder, the session will open everytime and a lot faster, like 5 seconds (1-2 minutes at least when “images” are present)

Of course, you start the session with “image under construction” all over the place. But all plays right.
If I close the session after some images are created the session will open, no problem.
If most of the images are allready created, the project won`t open every single time.

All the stated above is valid under Cubase 5 32bit, Cubase 6 32bit, over windows xp 32bit and windows 7 64 bit on a Dual Core CPU 3Gb Ram or similar laptop with 2 Gb RAM. That all Ive tested. Ive tried to copy the session and files to another external USB2.0 hard drive and the problem persists the same.

Any ideas on this? I`m now on time to mix things and this is very anoying.

Just google Kernellbase.dll error and look around.
Do you need to work at 48kHz?
Your computers also look a little undepowered. You might get away with live recording but just check limitations of your rigs.

It has to be 48k since it`s for DVD.

Underpowered? The CPU meter barely moves on this project.

I`ve googled a lot. Tested some ideas pointed. No solutions.

Anyone has ideas?

It isn’t just the CPU. There’s the ram to consider. You haven’t mentioned what drives or graphics but if you’re streaming samples of a 5200rpm drive that may be too slow as well.
I take it you’re tracking a movie or composing for games use on the DVD. If not 44kHz would do.
Did you actually look up what a kernelbase.dll is?

I’d say your problem is with Windows:

And yes, I know it LOOKS like a Cubase fault.

I`ve updated the graphics card to a GTX560 card. Still the same problem.
3Gb of ram
Win7 64 bit
Cubase 32bit

The project is streaming from USB 2.0 external hard drive with a 7200 sata hard drive in it. I don`t think this is the problem since all project playbacks properply.
The problem is in the reading of the stored “image” files.