Cubase falling behind with Studio One 3!

Ok everyone I figured I would try to get the fire under Steinbergs development team to get up to speed with the latest. Cubase is still missing some important options and features. In many ways Cubase is the superior DAW and the features are vast. I helped with the development in the new features for Studio One 3. As a Cubase user and beta tester at one point I still prefer Cubases look,feel, and work flow. Ok here are my thoughts.

  1. Point snap automation in modulation lane, not this old out of date node automation when you cant make a clean line. Also curved automation like Ableton and Logic. See Image
    Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.43.59 PM.png

  2. Multi Instruments modular pane like new feature we added in Studio One 3. You can layer multiple instruments and effects on one track!. See Image
    Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.35.14 PM.png

  3. Swing and grooves redesign. Almost every DAW now has a library of swings and grooves to quickly load into project. Take Ableton for example, you have something called a groove pool where you can load up non destructively different grooves per clip. Cubase does not even have a easy way to use a swing library. You have to manually load each midi file and
    save every time.

  4. Busses if added to project window have line though all arrangement. Just change in the track info the look of a buss, remove the line through the whole project.
    Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.38.50 PM.png

  5. Add plugin and removing plugin should be also part of the undo history. You should also be able to copy and paste plugins by command + C and Paste command + V (Like in Ableton!)

  6. Last off the media bay is slow and needs a redesign. Many times the files do not automatically play in time, you have to check tempo. When you add a file… the media bay should be smart and stop playing the same file you are auditioning, without having to click the stop play button.

Little things like this would make life so much easier for us. I have spent a lot of money over the years on updates and have supported Steinberg. Please listen to your users and take note of these requests. Thank you

No thanks!

Yeah your right none of these features are good lets keep the same old out of date way. Sometime you have to keep things simple for simple people!

At some point, why not use Studio One?

Eventually most DAWs will start to share features, but trying to force your DAW to immediately adopt every feature from other DAWs, may not be the mosrt stable approach. Cubase has to build off of what it has… it has an inherent architecture, which is what makes DAWs different. So you definitely want to be sure you are using the DAW that fits right for you.

I use 4 different DAWs. Each one has its own +/-. Cubase just needs a few more things and it would have all of the best features from those! I do use Studio One and going creating content for Presonus. In todays competitive market I would think they would want to see features that could give each company the edge.


Just to chime in.

Talking about ‘falling behind’,
When it comes to this programme, I am still waiting on score/notation functions to become viable.

(for years now)

Good Luck!

Agreed. I tend to use other DAWs for certain applications and uses. It’s just that IMHO, Cubase is so close to be being the DAW that has everything I need that its slightly frustrating that it’s not there, and I could do away with using anything else. The perfect DAW for me is a combination of combo of Cubase, Ableton Live & certain aspects of Studio One and Pro Tools (though the latter is slightly waning for me). In all, I thought Studio One did an excellent job of coming close to that. But there the other factor of entirely learning a new DAW when you have years invested in one. But everyone has different needs of course :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s possible for one program to do everything perfectly. Maybe they need to improve it rather than adding more features but that doesn’t sell upgrades and new sales. They always focus on the shiny new toys.

Of course. I’d rather see improvements than shiny new toys, which I think is kinda what the OP is getting at. There’s a number of features Cubase has that are cool, but aren’t really implemented very well and need improvement. And they could learn from the implementation other DAWs have used to improve those. Mediabay is one of those ‘not quite there’ features for me.

I do agree 100% on the six points listed in the first post.

I don’t think Cubase is “falling behind” in general.
But this is the point: