Cubase feature help

Previously owned Artist 8.5 but had issues of past. Uninstalled. Tried new AI 9 upgrade and loved it!
Now have AI 9 and reloaded Artist 8.5 loaded. Gained some features with both loaded in v9 as is now.
What would I gain by upgrading to Artist 9 compared to my current hybrid combo mix?
A good test for the technical savvy folks out there. :slight_smile:
I see mainly:
-Mix history tab
-expanded chord assistant (?)
-more tracks allowed (?)
-looks like more fx and instruments maybe (?)
The rest looks to be same far as I can tell since Iโ€™m mixing both owned versions.

Curious what Iโ€™m missing or what you savvy folks know that I donโ€™t .
Thanks in advance!