Cubase Feature Request - Rotational Symmetry and scale expasion

Hello again, just going to make another request as I have found the place to do this.
Other great features which would be very handy in the logical editor (I don’t there is a way to do this but correct me if am wrong) would be the ability to rotate a groups of pitch intervals (in the way that each time you rotate a the pitch intervals of a major scale on C you get the modes C dorian, C phygian ect). It would also be good to expand them to create expanded scales. Rotational symmetry for rhythms would also be useful (I know you can do this with the list editor), and it would be particularly useful if this could be applied to any group of notes/pitch intervals you selected (ie scales of 3 or 4 notes/chords and melodic phrases).

According to Schillinger’s music theories rotational symmetry is everywhere in music and it s great way of variants of phrases, which are similar but different.

(There are many good techniques and ideals in the Schillinger system which would be really helpful for composing music in cubase.)