Cubase Feature Requests

Can we have the automation for volume on top of the audio clip file. This is a big one. Why do we have to have all those open lanes? I am getting weary of opening and closing lanes just to do volume mixing in a song.

Hide and show tracks-- Can we have the ability to hide and show lanes/tracks? Why do we have to have everything visible on the screen even when we are not working on them? There should be an option to show only the tracks we want visible.

Can we have some type of consolidated window option?



oh, I think it’s good as it is.
I’ve created shortcuts for “show/hide used automation (selected tracks)” e.g. - perfect.
For me it´s better if the regions are any time editable and independently, because “automation lines on top” is a bit confused and you mostly must always switch the automation view (like ProTools, S1), I hate that…

I love that. It is so much more work to open and close lanes and folders, even with the key commands I have set up.