Cubase features request - Midi Action menu for quick use

Hi ,

I know Cubase is powerful as a midi editor / production environment, but some of the features are a little buried in the menus, or are getting long in the tooth.

Would love to see a Midi Actions menu, that gives you quick, innotive ways of manipulating midi notes ;

The idea would be to be able to select a few midi notes, go to the Action menu and select various things - Strum, Create Arp, Harmonize 6ths according to scale, create pattern, create harmony / chords, ostinatos, Piano type presets, 4 voice , 5 voice , Quartets, Various Rhythm Presets etc

All of these kind of types of midi ideas that can quickly turn an idea in to something more - maybe you could just drop and drag the Action - you could harmonise in different styles, Rhythm in Different styles, Arps in various styles, Change the Midi notes so they could be played on a real guitar, or a piano type arrangement, or a string quartet. Also for Rhythms and Drum patterns - you could have presets, and different styles - you put in your basic beat and the Midi Action section could create a full pattern, or different Time Signatures etc.

Some of this is available in Cubase, but it is not IMMEDIATE- either you have to add a Midi Plugin , lots that are getting really old, or use the Transformer, or midi commands or set up a Macro.

I am not looking for Cubase to write the score for you , but be able to take an idea and provide inspiration with its Action Engine.

For example, when recording a Piano Part, i often revert to my default playing style - it would be great to have options to change the style, speed, rhythm etc while , say keeping the harmonic structure, with a Midi Action menu - or something along those lines.

Loads of users that love Cubase use its extensive Midi features, and while there is lots , it would be great to see an update for 2020s that really speeds up work flows, inspires creation, and allow users to express ideas in the quickest possible way.

Hope you read this, and would love to see you take note and really push the Cubase Midi productions even further ahead of its rivals.