Cubase file becoming huge!

I have a project file in Cubase that is becoming too big, but I don’t understand why. Here’s the difference on it:

(note: “Template” and “Template 2024” are quite similar (number of tracks, instruments, etc). They have no audio nor midi on them!

I’d like to upload the files for support, but they are way too big…

Anyone, help? :slight_smile:

A little info to be added: the file doubles it size every time I open it…independently of what I do


Do you use NI Kontakt by any chance? Lately, this plug-in makes the project file too big.

I use a lot of instances of NI kontact (around 10 in the project). But this does not create the same issue on each project…I’m going to make some tests on my side to check more specifically where the issue comes from

Thanks for your support mate

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Some plugins do that. For example, Best Service Engine loves to enlarge project files. I managed to get over 1GB project size because of that.