Cubase file structure and saving...

Relatively new to Cubase Elements 9.5. There’s something I don’t get about creating and saving projects. Like most people I guess, I start a new composition from a template. When creating from New, Cubase asks me where I want to put the data for the new song. At that point I’ll just use the default place on Mac, that is in the Music folder and the Cubase Ai/Element folder that was created when installing the app.

Sometimes, the new song is not worth working on and I don’t save the project. If I start something I find worth working on, I’ll do a Save As… and will create a folder on my external Audio SSD where all my “worthy songs” are, inside a “Cubase Projects” folder. When I do that, all is good but the audio folder stays in the default Music folder. Meaning if I record new audio parts, the audio files will be in the default folder but the .cpr file is in the newly created folder. How do I get Cubase to create a proper file system for the new song where everything resides there? Thanks.


It’s best to create a new folder for your project, rather than using some already existing place.

But I work the same way you do, so when I have something that I actually want to save, I use the Backup Project function under the file menu. If you try it you’ll see how it works. After that you can delete the unneeded project.

But really, though it’s an extra step, it is better to just let Cubase create a new folder for every new project, and this will avoid the possibility of accidentally deleting something you need.

Thanks for the reply. So, if you create a folder for a new project that you don’t want to keep in the end, you simply go and delete that folder. Ok, I can live with that. I’ll try the backup option. Thanks.


Yeah, and you don’t end up with a big mess!