Cubase files in Nuendo

OK, I have what feels like a silly question but despite searching the forum and digging through as much of the Steinberg web site as I could muster, I don’t feel like I found a solid, consise answer.

I’m looking into crossgrading from Cubase Pro 11 to Nuendo 11, since there is a sale going on right now. But as I went to make the purchase I noticed that is states this Nuendo licensee would replace my Cubase license. I assume this probably isn’t really an issue. I think you can open all my old Cubase projects in Nuendo, right?

I did search both the internet, this forum and the Steinberg site, but most of the threads and such that I found were many years old and none of them simply said, Yes you can open a Cubase project in Nuendo. They are such similar programs I would be surprised if it didn’t work but I don’t want to find out my assumption is wrong the hard way. I’m not actively in the middle of any projects using Cubase right now but I certainly don’t want to loose the ability to open those projects.

Thanks in advance for any guidance here.

No problem! Just opened some 12-13 year old Cubase projects now in Nuendo 11, and they work great. I just transitioned from Cubase 11 to Nuendo 11, and am very happy. Thumbs up! :+1:

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I’ve wanted to switch from Cubase to Nuendo for a very long time.

I was looking at EDU pricing at one stage but it was still too expensive on a feature by feature basis.

Now the price parity is much better in my view so I will be upgrading shortly but there is at least one issue I am having, of which I am unsure as to whether or not it is Nuendo or Cubase specific, and that is: no text data is exported with MIDI notes, in a MIDI file.

This is very disappointing and makes me think twice about upgrading.

It’s a pity you can’t keep using your older version of Cubase, while you move projects to Nuendo notwithstanding loss of features. The fact is, Steinberg are so good, they even upgrade previous versions but when you are cross-grading between similar products (as opposed to programs), and features are lost in the process, then I believe grace should be given by the developer, i.e., SB International.

Thank you!

I appreciate the help.

I’m looking forward to some of the post production tools as that kind of work has just taken off during the pandemic. And even though I’m sure it will drop off a little bit as live performances return (live theatre is where I make my primary living) I think the streaming and capturing of live shows for viewing by remote audiences is here to stay.


AFAIK, you don’t lose any features when you upgrade from Cubase to Nuendo. You definitely get a lot more features. Also; Cubase projects open perfectly in Nuendo, so there’s no need for Cubase anymore when you have Nuendo.

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Yes, I think you’re right. And Nuendo seems to be the absolute best for Post Production, so I’m looking forward to digging in.

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