Cubase filters out incoming CC?

I have an Arturia Beatstep here - and Cubase seems to filter out several MIDI CCs?

Why is there no list which CCs I can use and which are reserved?

I suspect it is Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls that are “swallowing” these up.
Go into Devices>Device Setup, and either switch the inputs for these two to “Not Connected”, or, at least, change the incoming controllers for them to others that you won’t miss :wink:.

Right, thanks! :slight_smile:

I guess it’s because I made the mistake to buy myself a CMC-QC about a year ago.

How is the Beatstep, I have been eyeing it for some time ?

I’ll tell you as soon as I know more. :slight_smile:

Hardware seems to be sturdy, the software is a bit “so-so”. And the “acceleration” is too weak in my opinion.