Cubase Folder Access Blocked and Various Computer Problems in the Wake of that

There’s probably a better chance to find people at the NI forums who’ve experienced problems as a fallout of NI software installations.

Other members?” — Not sure, if I should laugh or cry …

I wrote “other members” because the previous conversation was at that time on a different thread, before the 2 threads were merged, and I didn’t want to search for that old thread.

After they were merged, I looked back at that earlier conversation (which was now a simple matter off scrolling up the page) and realized to my chagrin that the main person who helped me at that time was you.

I hope you can understand that I might not remember the screen name of a person I interacted with 2 or 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the timely help you offered me. I did and still do.

Also, I’m 70 years old and it’s a wonder I can remember my own name, much less yours. :slight_smile:

That giant anvil falling on you in the mine where you work probably didn’t help much either!
(I’m a touch younger than you, I can’t remember the beginning of this post.)

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For me the giant anvil is called Long Covid, and for the last 3 years it has given me a case of brain fog. In the acute phase my reading comprehension fell off markedly. By the time I got through the second half of a sentence I would have forgotten the first half. My work involved a lot of travel by car, and I had to retire because I no longer felt that I could drive safely. Thankfully, the brain fog has gradually cleared, to the point where I now feel halfway normal.

Anyway, thanks for understanding and being able to joke about my little faux pas.

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