Cubase for a complimentary laptop?

Currently on Cubase 9.5
I run an iMac but i’m Thinking about getting a laptop (MacBook Pro) for working on Cubase in other places around the house/garden/work/my car etc etc
I wanted some more up to date information so I started this topic as everything eles on google is from 6-7 years ago.
Is the ONLY way I can use Cubase on a new laptop is to use my current elicencer?
I read the Steinberg page and it did mention software based licensing. Is that an option for a second computer?
I Understand why we have all this copy protection but having a USB key sticking out of the side would be really irritating and if I lost it…costly.

Oh come on there are plenty of threads on the forums about a 2nd license.

No, you can buy a 2nd license. and use the elicenser that comes with it.

You tell us - Cubase LE, Ai and Elements use. a soft eLicenser, so if those versions have all the features you need, then it might be an option.