Cubase for film scoring

Hi everyone, I am trying out Cubase 13 Demo to see if I want to switch from Studio One 6. I am struggling to find tutorials specifically on film scoring techniques with Cubase, there are tons of videos on YouTube but searching through them is daunting. I am looking for actual tutorials on how to set things like adding video, markers, time manipulation and time stretching and any settings that I need to know. I don’t need any on compositional or writing.

Hi - don’t know what all videos you looked at so far, but try looking through this guys stuff
How to Compose Music | Your first piece for Complete Beginners (

Ok, sorry - that one is about the composition process (which is what you said you didn’t need advice on.!)

But, I posted as more of an intro to his channel, which is extensive and all about film scoring (using Cubase - mostly composition techniques). He does do useful project setup insights too, so you’ll need to sift through a bit, to get to the specifics you’re after, from his production techniques/methods etc…

But yes, as you say, there is tons of info/help/guidance out there. Often down to a question of refining the search terms used… :slightly_smiling_face:

Also look for ones by ‘Guy Michelmore’ too. Again, a large catalogue but he does all his media (TV/Film) composition with Cubase and has some choice tutorials about how he goes about things; very engaging (I find) delivery/personality with it…

Anyway, good luck.!

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This guy is showcasing a thing or two:

You can also search his YT channel for other things concerning “scoring”.

Maybe this one is a good entry point:



This guy uses Cubase as his orchestration software.

If you need some technical knowledge about the libraries available and how to use them for this type of work, it’s worth the investment. There’s nothing free when you want quality…

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Thanks, that’s really helpful.

Perfect, just what I was looking for.